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Basic Rules to Have a Business Card

First and foremost, make sure your business card has the appropriate size and shape. The typeface should reflect your brand and be legible, and the background color should also be the same. Avoid using too many colors or shades that are similar to each other, as they can be difficult to read. Also, make sure to use enough contrast between your text and background colors to improve legibility. Lastly, remember that your business card is not intended to be a genealogy, so keep it as short and simple as possible.

Choosing the right design for your business card is crucial. If you want it to stand out among the crowd, go for something that has a unique look and can catch the eye of your recipient. Try creating unique designs. You can even turn it into a name tag, a paper airplane, or a tiny desk box. Although unconventional designs might not be the best choice, they’ll make the recipient’s eyes focus on your message and visit your website.

Your business card says a lot about your business. For example, someone in the interior design field may want their cards to look clean and modern while someone in the dog walking field might want to use bright and bold colors. For a small business, the type of design you choose depends on your industry and what kind of services you provide. But no matter what your business is, make sure your card is a good representation of your company.

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