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How Much Do Companies Spend on Business Cards?

How much do companies spend on business cards? These cards are crucial for a number of reasons, including brand recognition and free advertising. A well-designed card can turn random contacts into customers, collaborators, and suppliers. It is an easy way to increase sales. And, if it is designed well, business cards can increase sales by doubling the response rate of a typical website. And, with a little research, you can spend as little as 10 cents per card!

Business cards are important to your company’s branding and can boost sales by up to 2.5%. But how much are they worth? Well, research has shown that every 2000 cards, your sales increase by 2.5%. But that figure may not be enough to justify the expense, especially when it is not accompanied by any additional perceived value. But what if your business is able to double its sales and still be able to afford a high-quality business card?

While you can do a lot to improve your business’s image and reputation with a new design, you can also take advantage of a design contest. 99designs is a great example of this kind of contest, which allows you to choose from a diverse selection of professional designers. Contests start at $199 for less-established designers and go up to $999 for the top-tier designers. A design contest offers flexible turnaround times and print-ready files.

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