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How to Wear Business Casual at the Office

If you’re looking to mix up your look, a polo shirt can help you achieve the perfect balance between casual and formal. This shirt occupies a sweet spot between t-shirt and button-up, and works equally well under a sports coat or denim jacket. The polo shirt’s luxe t-shirt feel and Supima cotton construction make it a great choice for the workplace.

If you’re hiring for a job in a legal, marketing, or financial services firm, you may want to look more professional. A polo shirt and khakis combination, however, are too casual. If you’re applying for a position at a startup, business casual clothing may not be appropriate for you, but you can still wear a stylish women’s blazer.

In addition to wearing a suit, business casual attire should not show too much skin. The only exceptions to this rule include sneakers or a t-shirt with a collar. But it’s better to stick to classic pieces and avoid loud patterns. Conversely, business casual clothing should be in good condition. Stains, holes, worn patches, and darker wash colors are automatic disqualifiers. Jeans, in particular, should be free of holes and not too tight.

When choosing pants, a knee-length skirt is appropriate for business casual work. However, some offices are becoming more progressive and allowing employees to wear jeans. In these cases, choose pants in neutral colors that don’t over-exude an outfit. In addition, a belt with a neutral color is appropriate. You can wear a skirt or a dress alone, or pair it with other pieces of clothing.

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