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What to Look for in an Auto Repair Shop

Before you choose an auto repair shop, consider these factors: – Can they offer you a loaner vehicle? – Do they give you an estimate for the repair? – Do they offer customer service? – Do they have references? If so, ask them. – Are they willing to walk you through the repair process. You should feel comfortable discussing your concerns with them. A trustworthy auto repair shop will not be afraid to ask for references

– Is the facility clean and well organized? A neat and organized shop will reflect professionalism and care. Clean restrooms and waiting areas are essential features of a quality repair shop. It is also worth determining if the shop has ASE certified technicians or the equivalent factory service training. Besides certifications, quality auto repair shops use up-to-date equipment and will be happy to tell you about it. They should also offer a warranty for their repairs. AAA-approved shops have met strict quality standards and are therefore a great choice

– The mechanics should be able to explain problems clearly. Some mechanics make a lot of money by recommending routine maintenance, such as fluid and filter changes. If the mechanics are unable to explain the problem to you, don’t give them business. Ask for an explanation. If the mechanic tries to pass the buck, it’s a sign of a bad shop. An honest mechanic should explain the problem to you and explain the process

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